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Ensure compliance with Australian laws and regulations in your business bookkeeping

Are you sure your business is compliant in all aspects of BAS, Payroll and general reporting?

Do you know the risks of not complying with laws and regulations?
It really is a minefield when it comes to bookkeeping compliance. Staying on top changes in reporting requirements and keeping up to date with the ATO and insurance requirements leaves many small Australian business owners worried and confused.
Take away the stress and worry and chat to us at WestBAS.  As a registered BAS agent in Perth, we are qualified professionals who care about your legal obligations and ensuring your bookkeeping compliance.

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Here are the steps we take in ensuring your bookkeeping compliance and how our service can assist and benefit your business:

Perform an Audit

We can assess your bookkeeping compliance by performing on audit on your systems and processes and discover any areas that made need attention. Our focus and attention to detail may highlight areas where we can ensure you are fully compliant in your business.

Risk Assessment

The next step is to provide a full report to detail and explain any gaps in your bookkeeping compliance.  At WestBAS we care about your business obligations and will go the extra step to discover and highlight even minor risks.

Protecting Your Files

Do you know you have an obligation to protect your customer’s and supplier’s information? Although we are not cyber security experts, we still care about your compliance in this area and part of our audit and assessment might identify ways that you can improve in these areas.

Compliance solutions and choosing the right software

At WestBAS, we would be pleased to support you to implement the changes required to protect your business. Sometimes a change in software can make a huge difference to your bookkeeping compliance.

Our greatest recommendation around your bookkeeping compliance is to get organised – or get an ATO registered BAS agent to oversee your compliance issues.  Reach out to us here at WestBAS if you have any questions or worries around this aspect of your business.