Delivering Customised Solutions for all your Bookkeeping Needs

When you’re looking for a Perth bookkeeper focused on your success and a high attention to detail, WestBAS can support you with customised bookkeeping and business growth solutions.

Grow your business with our customised bookkeeping solutions

When you’re looking for a Perth bookkeeper focussed on your success and a high attention to detail, WestBAS can support you with customised bookkeeping and business growth solutions.

If you’re a growing professional service needing some assistance with your bookkeeping, an NDIS juggling with the idea of outsourcing your payroll versus taking on another employee, or a Not-for-Profit taking your business to the next level, then it’s time for some expert advice.

With over 30 years as a Perth Bookkeeper, and almost 20 years in business, you can rest assured, Susan, and the team at WestBAS have seen it all. That’s why we are the experts in providing customised solutions. No business is the same and with a diverse range of clients, WestBAS has the knowledge and experience to look at your business with ‘outside the box’ thinking. At WestBAS, we care about your success, and being based in Perth, we understand the challenges you might face with staffing, logistics, location, and of course, cash-flow.


Tailored bookkeeping services for your Perth business

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Ensure compliance with Australian laws and regulations in your business bookkeeping

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Cloud Integration

Simplify your cloud bookkeeping with WestBAS

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Less worry and confusion with our expert Perth payroll services

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Our Approach

Lower Costs

Have you considered that contracting an external Perth bookkeeper could be cheaper than having another full-time employee? With a full-time employee, you need to consider the extra costs on top of the salary. There’s holiday and sick pay, superannuation and extra Workers Comp Insurance costs. At WestBAS, you will only be charged for the work we do, and it often surprises our clients how much they can save by choosing to outsource to a professional service, rather than an having another employee.

Outside Perspective

With years of experience, and a hugely diverse range of clients in a variety of industries, we’ve seen what processes and procedures work to make a business successful. We’ve also seen the ways in which businesses fail. External bookkeepers are not emotionally connected to the everyday running of a business, and we can offer insights, as well as recognising flaws in some processes. Being based in Perth, we also understand the factors that affect local businesses, not just in the City but also in rural WA.

Professionalism is our top value

You can rest-assured all our employees are fully qualified, with their knowledge and skills continually updated through compulsory professional development. Being in business as long as we have, we have developed processes to ensure our staff are fully-trained, compliant and ready to hit the ground running.

At WestBAS, we pride ourselves on our expert, professional and caring services. We guarantee that all your bookkeeping and compliance needs will be completed accurately and on time.

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