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Less worry and confusion with our expert Perth payroll services

Successful businesses are choosing to outsource payroll

Let’s face it, payroll is becoming more and more complex and stressful these days. Payroll can be tricky. With over 130 modern awards, and a swag of state-based awards, there are numerous ways payroll can go wrong. With WestBAS running your payroll services, you’ll never have to wonder or worry if you’re up to date with new laws or awards.

Payroll outsourcing is becoming more and more popular these days, not just in Perth, but across Australia. Growing successful businesses are choosing to outsource payroll because of it’s reliability, efficiency and numerous benefits. And at WestBAS, with our Perth-based bookkeepers, you can rest-assured the team are on top of the ever-changing laws and regulations of payroll, with regular training days and compulsory personal development.

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Some of the many benefits of payroll outsourcing for your Perth business include:

  • Save time and minimise errors – having a Perth-based outsourced payroll expert means you no longer have to worry about the ever-changing minefield of rules and regulations associated with Payroll. And at WestBAS, you can ensure your payroll is looked after by a qualified professional who has worked in a wide variety of industries. That experience makes a huge difference in minimising payroll errors.

  • Improve security - When you outsource your payroll to a professional service like WestBAS, you can rest-assured their IT and security is at the highest level.

  • Improved employee relations – With our experience, we’ve found there is less employee conflict around payroll when payroll outsourcing is put into place in a growing business. Employee attitudes can change as their perception becomes that their payroll is now being outsourced to a ‘specialist’.  They also believe their information is more secure and they are happier to discuss their situation with someone they don’t ‘work alongside every day.’

  • Less worry around compliance – Payroll outsourcing to a Perth expert means you no longer have to stress about compliance, new laws or ‘nagging’ your staff to make sure they are on top of things.

  • Reduced costs – It often comes as a big surprise to our clients just how much can be saved by outsourcing payroll services.

We also work closely with an HR consultant if there are any situations we face that we’re not 100% sure of, and to ensure questions around any employee issues are answered promptly. For more complex HR issues, we can connect you directly with our HR Consultant, to ensure your employment contracts, Award interpretation and terminations are correct.

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